row of windmills found in Kinderdijk, Holland

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BIS Can Am Ch vonRyan's Ragamuffin,CD CHOF COMX
BIS BISS Can Ch Klompen's Sluicebox Sam, CD CHOF
BIS BISS Can Am Ch Klompen's Tommy Tittlemouse, CD CHOF COMX
BIS BISS Can Ch Klompen's Rocky Raccoon, CD CHOF COM
BISS Can Ch Klompen's Little Big Man, CHOF
BISS Can Ch Klompen's Crocodile Dandee

Kathy and Bruce Stewart have been involved with the Keeshond breed since the late 1970's. Through this web site, they are pleased to be able to share with you their knowledge about the Keeshond breed, as well as information about their top winning Klompen Keeshond dogs. Several are portrayed on this page.

Over the years they have had:

9 individual Best in Show Keeshond winners,

14 individual Best in Specialty Show Keeshond winners,

22 individual Best Puppy in Show Keeshond winners,

Numerous dogs that have won obedience, flyball and agility titles, and

Over 80 Keeshond champions in one or more of the following countries:
Canada, Australia, England, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Puerto Rico, Sweden and USA.

Many of these titles where put on the Klompen dogs between 1978 and 2004 by Kathy. At that time Kathy gave up campaigning dogs in order to begin judging them, as she felt it would be a conflict of interest to do so. She is now eligible to judge all of Toy, Working and Non-Sporting breeds, Groups, Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show. Fortunately she has been invited to judge in several countries including: Canada, the USA, Australia, Norway and England.

Due to a busy retirement Kathy and Bruce are no longer breeding Keeshonden.

BIS BISS Can Ch Klompen's Gordie Bitefoot, CD CHOF
BIS BISS CAN AM SWED DAN GER INT KLB DK CH Alpine's Rock Climbing Klompens, CHOF
BIS CAN AM CH Klompen's Sun Worshipper
BISS CAN CH Klompen's Charlie Stride
BISS CAN AM CH Calivale Cake Walk, CHOF
BIS BISS AUS SUPREME CH Klompen's Gone Walk About, ET at Calivale
INT GER LUX BELG AUSTRIAN CH Klompen's Candy V Kreigenfeld, CD
BISS CAN CH Klompen's Timmy Littlemouse
BISS CAN AM CH Klompen's Crocodile Crackers, CHOF
AUS CH Klompen's Crown Royal
BISS ENG CH Klompen's Who's Your Daddy

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