Pedigree of     BISS Can Ch Klompen's Crocodile Dandee     "Dandee"
Dustin in profile   Dustin's head
    Date of Birth:  28 Apr. 1988
    Sex:   Male
    Owner:   Tina Baldwin
    Breeders:    Kathy & Bruce Stewart
    115, 27019 Twp. Rd. 514
    Spruce Grove, Alberta
    CANADA   T7Y 1G6
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 BIS Am Ch Flakkee Instamatic HOF
Can Ch Baronwood's Hot Dam

Dandee was another of our BEST IS SPECIALTY SHOW winning dogs. He was owned and shown by Tina Baldwin. He was a very loyal companion who attracted attention because of his lovely head, correct silhouette, lovely colouring and proper coat.

Dandee was one of five dogs that became champions in his litter. The others included: Ch Klompen's Little Big Man (the Top Keeshond in Canada in 1992), Can Ch Klompen's Jumping Jack Flash, Am Ch Klompen's Fox 'n Hond and Can Ch Klompen's Spotlight on Supergirl.

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