Pedigree of "Tracker"
Multi-BIS Multi-BISS Aust Supreme Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout at Calivale, ET    
Tracker at 6 months   Tracker's first BISS
    Date of Birth:   April 5, 2007
   Sex:   female
   Owners:   Brad & Katrina Santas
   Breeder:  Kathy Stewart
    Spruce Grove, Alberta
    Canada T7Y 1G6

  BIS BISS Am Can Ch
 Kemonts Skyline's Game
 Am Ch Keeshee's Lock
 Stock 'N Barrel (CAN)
 Can Am Ch Keesbrook's Believe 'N
 Am Can Ch Yan-Kee Marquis, CHOF
 Can Am Ch Keesbrook's Hint O'Magic,
 Can Am Ch Keeshee's Sparks A Flying
 Am Ch Aurora's Cubby McCloud, ROM
 Can Ch Keeshee's Sparkles On (CAN)
 Am Ch Skyline's Material
 Girl (USA)
 Can Am Ch Keeshee's The Jig's Up,
 Can Am Ch Keesbrook's Believe 'N Magic,
 Can Am Ch Blueribbon Fiesta at
 Keesbrook (CAN)
 Am Ch Windrift's Dance With Me (USA)  Am Ch Windrift's Summertime Blues, HOF
 Am Ch Windrift's Doing It Right, ROMX
  BISS Can Am Ch Calivale  Calk Walk (AUS)   Bargeway Hurricane (ENG)   Eng Ch Foxifayre Oklahoma at Ledwell
 Greenkees Oscar at Ledwell (USA)
 Eng Ch Norkees Hot Pursuit from Foxifayre
 Greenkees Omen at Ledwell (USA)  Am Ch My-Son's Murphy (USA)
 Am Can Ch Greenkees Jinn (USA)
 BIS BISS Aus & NZ Gr.
 Ch. Rymist Sugar N Spice
 Aust Ch Calivale the Outlaw (AUS)  Aus Gr Ch Kerjoydon Earl O Hearts (AUS)
 Aust Ch Velson Made in Heaven (AUS)
 Aus. Ch Ryfrost Angel (AUS)  Aus Ch Leifhond Wilander (AUS)
 Leifhond Chantara (AUS)

Tracker was sent to Brad and Katrina Santas (NSW Australia) as a puppy.

Following in the footsteps of her ancestors she quickly showed that she was a contender in the show ring by winning a Best in Specialty Show and a Reserve Specialty Show - all within 24 hours of being released from quarantine. By 2 1/2 years of age she had completed the requirements for her Grand Championship title.
She was the top winning Keeshond in Australia, #10 Non-Sporting Group in Australia, #4 Non-Sporting Group in NSW for 2009.

In mid-August 2012 Tracker became known as "Aust Supreme Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout at Calivale, ET" after running the 20km in 2 hours to gain her Endurance Test title.

As of mid-October, in limited showing "Tracker" has won another Specialty Best in Show and 2 Runner Up in Show awards to make her the NUMBER TWO KEESHOND in AUSTRALIA, for 2014.

Her wins to date include 4 BIS, 8 RuBIS, 6 BISS and 3 RuBISS wins.

Congratulations to Tracker's owners: KL Santas, BA Thompson & Lisa Cassidy.

Tracker had a litter in 2010, sired by Gr. Ch & NZ Ch Nederhund Katjas Katjirm At Calivale ET. A son of hers is proving to be an exceptional show dog. His name is MBIS BISS Aust Supreme Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan. "Bolte" has consistantly placed high in the standings in Australia for 4 years running. His annual average, as of mid-Oct 2014, for Keeshonden defeated is over 500+ and for dogs (all breeds) defeated is 5,500+. He has been the TOP KEESHOND in AUSTRALIA for 2011, 2012 and 2014, 2nd top in 2013. He has won 18 all breed BEST IN SHOWS, 13 Runner up to BEST IN SHOWS, 4 Best in Keeshond Specialties and 1 Runner-up in Specialty show. He has been in the top 12 Non-Sporting Group dogs for Australia for that 4 year period. In 2011 he was the NUMBER ONE PUPPY in AUSTRALIA (all breeds), including BPIS at Adelaide Royal 2011. What a run for such a young dog. Congratulations to his breeders: Brad & Katrina Santas, and owners, Katrina Santas and Brett Thompson.

Pictures of Tracker
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