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What's New With Us?

With Bruce's retirement in 2004, we are spending less time at home and more in our motor home.
Our dogs continue to make us proud, as can be seen by their accomplishments.


new Canadian Champion
 CAN CH KLOMPEN'S DOUBLE BUBBLE gained her Championship in one weekend by taking 2 Group 2nds and a Group 3rd. She is sired by BIS BISS Am Ch Skyline's Unit of Measure, out of Can Ch Klompen's Gabriel. She was expertly handled by and is residing with Dianne Bradley. We believe this team has a bright future ahead of them. Bubbles and Richie are littermates.


another new Canadian Champion
 CAN CH KLOMPEN'S JAZZY JASMINE gained her Championship in the summer of 2014. Jazzy was born on 24 Jul 2009. Her sire is Am Ch Foxfair Geronnimo Energizer and she is out of Can Ch Klompen's Gabriel. She was expertly handled by her owner, Dianne Bradley. She is a 1/2 sister to Bubbles and Richie. Way to go Jazzy and Dianne.


new English Champion
 Klompen's Who's Your Daddy journeyed to England on a co-ownership with David Peck, Malcolm Matthews, Linda Matthews and is being shown by David Matthews. By July 2014 he has won his 8th CC and is Top Keeshond halfway leader Dog World/Arden Grange. "Richie" is only a youngster and shows a lot of promise. Good luck folks. Looking forward to your news.


continues to make us proud
 As of mid-October, in limited showing "Tracker" has won another Specialty Best in Show and 2 Runner Up in Show awards to make her the NUMBER TWO KEESHOND in AUSTRALIA, for 2014. Her wins to date include 4 BIS, 8 RuBIS, 6 BISS and 3 RuBISS wins. Tracker is known as "Aust Supreme Ch Klompens Gone Walkabout at Calivale, ET" after running the 20km in 2 hours to gain her Endurance Test. Congratulations to her owners: KL Santas, BA Thompson & Lisa Cassidy


is No. 2
 "BOLTE" a male puppy, from Trackers' first litter, has consistantly placed high in the standings in Australia for 4 years running. His annual average, as of mid Oct 2014, for Keeshonden defeated is over 500+ and for dogs (all breeds) defeated is 5,500+. He has been the TOP KEESHOND in AUSTRALIA for 2011, 2012 and 2014, 2nd top in 2013. He has won 18 all breed BEST IN SHOWS, 13 Runner up to BEST IN SHOWS, 4 Best in Keeshond Specialties and 1 Runner-up in Specialty show. He has been in the top 12 Non-Sporting Group dogs for Australia for that 4 year period. In 2011 he was the NUMBER ONE PUPPY in AUSTRALIA (all breeds), including BPIS at Adelaide Royal 2011. What a run for such a young dog. Congratulations to his breeders: Brad & Katrina Santas, and owners, Katrina Santas and Brett Thompson.


new Australian Champion
 Whiskey (BIS BISS CAN AM SWED DAN GER INT KLB DK CH Alpine's Rock Climbing Klompens ex Can Ch Klompen's Gabriel) went to live with Brad Santas of Calivale Keeshonds (Australia) in May, 2012. He has sired 3 litters since his arrival in Australia. I wish Brad continued success with this lovely boy and his progeny. Special thanks to Lisa Cassidy for expertly showing him.
judged in Australia
September 2012
It was such a thrill to be invited back to judge the Keeshond Club of Victoria's 45th Anniversary show held on Sept. 22, 2012 at the Bulla Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, VIC. On the same trip I also judged the Chow Chow Club of Victoria show, plus the Toy breeds at the Belgrave and District Kennel Club all breed show. Thank you all for inviting me.

I judged this same show in 1999 and it was interesting to me to see the changes in type that have occurred over the past 13 years. Overall, the dogs that were shown to me continue to have lovely head type; full, dramatically marked coats with true black tips on their guard hairs. These things have not changed over the years. It was great to judge dogs that were shown naturally.

I had some difficult decisions to make. In some of the classes several dogs could have been honoured with a 1st place. I would have liked more ribbons to hand out because the quality overall was so good. You are to be commended as breeders. Keep up the good work.

For all the critiques please go to the December 2012 issue of the KeeshondWorld online magazine - page 71.

Thank you for the lovely gifts which I received. I will cherish them. In particular I loved the engraved wine glass. At the North of England Keeshond Club's 75th anniversary show which I judged in 2011, I was given a bottle of blended Scotch Whisky with a special label just for me. Now the question is, "Do I, or do I not, break in the glass with this "Famous Grouse" whisky?"

  • Sup. Ch. KEESWEY THE MARKSMAN AT KEEZ (Imp NZ) (Rogers) was Best In Show/Challenge Dog: - This lovely 5 year old had striking colour with light grey undercoat and dark saddle, giving him pleasing definition of colour, coupled with an off standing dense coat. He had a beautiful expression with dark, almond-shaped, obliquely set eyes; parallel head planes; scissors bite; good depth of under jaw; little bit of white on muzzle; high set, small, well placed ears. His overall correct head was framed by an abundant, light coloured ruff. He had a good front assembly; good bone, a cobby body and very high set tail, with double curl, which lays flat on his back. As per the standard, his hocks were showing slight angulation. He had clean coloured legs and feet, was standing and moving very nicely. He was very well-presented and groomed. No dog is perfect, so if I could change him I would give him more length of neck, and more layback of shoulder. Also, his pasterns could be stronger.
  • Sup. Ch. CALIVALE KATCH ME IF YOU KAN (Santas/Thompson) was Runner Up Best in Show/Reserve Challenge Dog: - This impressive 2 year old had a masculine head including well-defined spectacles, expressive eyebrows, definite stop, and correct scissors bite. He has a little bit of white on chin, and ears that are a little larger than 1st place winner. On that day he unfortunately had one eye that appeared to be bothering him. His colour definition was not as strong as the 1st place winner but then that is to be expected for a younger dog. He had a cream undercoat colour; cream legs and feet. His correct silhouette was made better by his self-fitting coat, his moderately long neck length; and his very high set tail, laying very flat and sitting well up on his back. He had good bone and was well up on strong pasterns. His movement was good and balanced from all angles. He was groomed and presented beautifully. He was a bit more upright in shoulder than 1st place winner. On any given day the placement of 1st and 2nd could be reversed.
  • Aust. Ch. KEEZ ME MYSELF N I (Rogers) was Opposite Sex in Show/Challenge Bitch: - The overall presence of this 23 month old was lovely. Her very pleasing head was framed by a full, light coloured ruff. She had almond-shaped eyes; well-marked spectacles, with line going to the base of the ear; muzzle a little faded in colour; parallel head planes, showing good proportions; good stop; small, dark, well-set, ivy-leafed ears, and a correct scissors bite. She had cream coloured undercoat with cream legs and feet. Her tail is set high with a double curl. She is structurally well put together, with balanced movement, and standing correctly at all times. Groomed beautifully and showing very nicely for her handler. After the show I offered to take her home with me, but her handler turned me down. I found out that she was the daughter or my BB winner.
  • KEEZ SHOW ME THE MONEY (Kennedy) was Puppy in Show: - This 9 month old overall was very full coated with correct colour definition; His undercoat was cream in colour and soft; pleasing expression, but could use a darker eye and smaller ears, which he was not using to advantage; clean, cream colour on legs and feet; tail set could be a little higher; could use stronger front and rear construction.
  • Aust. Ch. RYMVALE BELTHEZAR (Pink) was Best Veteran in Show: -This 11 year old showed like a trooper; face was pleasing; correct coat texture; groomed handled and shown very nicely; lovely grand old gentleman.
  • KERKAY MOMENT FOR LIFE (Kennedy) - Reserve Challenge Bitch
  • HUYNKEEDORI KAN U KATCH ME (Santas/Thompson)Baby Puppy in Show
  • KEEZ GIFT O THE GAB (Rogers) - Opposite Sex Puppy in Show
  • KERKAY MOMENT FOR LIFE (Kennedy) - Minor Puppy in Show
  • KERKAY MY LITTLE RUNAWAY (Kennedy) - Opposite Sex Minor Puppy in Show
  • VENARDU THE MAESTRO (Lambe) - Junior in Show
  • Aust. Ch. KABANDER FYRE FLY (Davison) - Opposite Sex Junior in Show
  • Aust. Ch. KEEZ ME MYSELF N I (Rogers) - Intermediate in Show
  • Aust. Ch. LEIFHOND I AM SUPER XAVIER (Whincup) - Opposite Sex Intermediate in Show
  • Aust. Ch. LEIFHOND FOCUS ON Bjourn (Wyhoon) - Australian Bred in Show
  • LEIFHOND FOCUS ON SHEYNA (Wyhoon) - Opposite Sex Australian Bred in Show
  • Sup. Ch. KEESWEY THE MARKSMAN AT KEEZ (imp NZ) (Rogers) - Open in Show
  • CALIVALE WHAT NOW (Emary) - Opposite Sex Open in Show
Born on May 18/12
 Can Ch Klompen's Gabriel "Gabby" was bred to 2 males: 1) BIS multi-BISS Can Am Eng Ch Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy, HOF ROM, AND his son, 2) Am Ch Skyline's Unit of Measure. On May 18th, 2012 she presented us with 5 gorgeous puppies - 2 males and 3 females. She is a great mom and the pups are doing well. By the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club, bitches can now be bred to multiple sires provided that DNA testing is done for the sires, dam and all the progeny to ascertain who the parents of the resulting puppies are. At 9 weeks of age the DNA results showed that the Cubit (the younger dog) was the sire of all five puppies. We wish our puppy buyers the very best with their new little bundle of joy.

judged in England
August 2011
On the 6th of August 2011 I was delighted to judge the North of England Keeshond Club's 75 Anniversary show which was held in Wetherby. I was honoured to have such an excellent entry of 158 individual dogs, making up 181 entries, with 38 absentees. My overall impression of the winners was that they had well put together front and rear assemblies. I would say that the majority of the dogs had good coat texture; although condition, length and clear colour was lacking in some. Many had very pretty heads. Many moved well. I found there was a large diversity of type, which made it difficult to judge at times. Below are my winners:
  • ENG CH ALLFORUS DICE MASTER FOR SPITZCAV JW ShCM, owned by Shelley & Clive Day, bred by Mrs. C. Bell, won the Dog C.C. and Best in Show - 5 yrs. old and very much enjoying himself. He had all the attributes of a correct Keeshond. First, I noticed his pleasing silhouette and lovely head carriage as he proudly moved a round the ring. His masculine head had parallel planes; muzzle equal length to backskull; dark, almond-shaped eyes; good spectacles with lines going up towards base of his high-set ears, which were a tad tall. His head was wedge-shaped and set on a moderately long neck, on well-placed shoulders and solid back. He had good depth and width of brisket, pleasing topline, excellent high tail set and carriage; excellent sound body and balanced movement. He was well-muscled, had excellent bone and cat like feet. Final decision was due to correct, hard textured, luxurious feeling coat and excellent colour and definition. You could tell that he adored his handler who did an excellent job of presentation and handling. No dog is perfect, so I would shorten his loin a tad and give him a bit more depth of underjaw.
  • IR CH ARCTICKEES BEST KEPT SECRET, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Brian Carroll, bred by Cathrin Fagerheim, won the Dog. Res. C.C. and Runner up Best in Show. He was only 2 years of age and had already mastered the art of dog showing. He was a very different in type. His head, while correct, was different from all the others in the show in that it had more length of coat on the sides. His pretty expression included: excellent head planes, a very definite stop, almond shaped, obliquely set eyes, wide wedge, very pronounced spectacle markings, would have preferred the spectacle line to go up towards the base of the ear, and I would have liked more depth of underjaw. When standing his feet were always correctly placed. He had a longer neck placed on well laid back shoulders, a pleasing back length and very high set tail - all of which added to his pleasing profile. He had good bone to go with his correct height, was fully coated in silver and black and had good colour definition. His balanced movement was very good - coming, going and sideways. His excellent show attitude made it very easy for his handler to show him to his best and he was beautifully groomed. He could have used a harsher coat.
  • ENG CH LADY GODIVA'S GUILTY PLEASURES WITH NERADMIK, owned by Jean Sharp-Bale, bred by Annamaija Tuisku, won the Bitch C.C. and Best of Opposite Sex. - This 3 year old had an extremely pretty head including: small ears, good stop, parallel planes, dark pigment, dark oval-shaped eyes, and well-defined spectacles. Her face was framed by a thick, full ruff. She had a moderately long neck, placed on well laid back shoulders. She had lovely front angles in balance with her rear. Her tail was set high, carried tight over her back and had a double curl as described by your Illustrated Standard. She was standing with parallel legs placed well under her body. She was very fully coated, and had excellent colour and definition. She appeared to have a lovely temperament, behaving and showing beautifully for her handler. She did not always stand square and appeared tall.
  • POMMARY ELITE N' KLASSIC AT COLPATRON, owned by Mr. and Mrs. R. Watson, bred by Leadbetter, won the Bitch Res. C.C. and Best Puppy in Show - This lovely 7 month old was showing great showmanship for such a young puppy. She had a very pretty expression and correct head with parallel planes, definite stop, ears a tad large, which is not unusual for this age. She had a moderately long and arched neck. Her body was compact. She stood square, was well up on leg and had a very nice tail set. Very good colour definition, cream undercoat colour, with lovely coat texture. This very promising puppy, moved well - coming, going and sideways.
  • CH STURTMOOR CRAZY FOR NERADMIK, owned by Jean Sharp-Bale, bred by Mrs. Pentland, won Best Veteran/Vintage in Show - This 8 year old was in very full coat, with exceptionally pretty colour and very good definition. I would have loved to have had this bitch in my breeding program. Her beautiful head and expression included: very good spectacles, parallel head planes, definite stop, very good pigment, and small well-placed ears; all framed by a light coloured, full ruff. Her legs and feet were of good bone and cream in colour. She had a level topline which ended in a very high set and flatly-carried tail. She was put together nicely and moved very well. She had excellent attitude and was shown to perfection.
  • EASTKEES DON'T SAY A WORD, bred and owned by Mrs. S. Pattison, won Reserve Best Puppy In Show.
  • FFYNIANT SUGARDADDY ALLFORUS ShCM, owned by Mrs. C. Bell, bred by Dr. Morgan-Finch, won Reserve Best Veteran/Vintage In Show.
  • TORRIKEES MISS BEHAVIN', bred and owned by Mr. & Mrs. I. Passmore, was the oldest dog entered at the grand age of 15. She won the Special Vintage Bitch class. You could not tell her age by her appearance and personality. She loved being in the ring and was very eager to get out and strut her stuff.

Judged in NORWAY
July 2010
 on July 3, 2010 I was delighted to judge the Norwegian Keeshond Club's 20th Anniversary show which was held in Trondheim, NO. I like judging by the FCI standard, because it gives more specifics than the other Keeshond standards that I have read; which in turn makes it easier to judge by. For example, they call for well laid back shoulder blades, with upper arm and shoulder approximately the same length, forming a 90 degree angle, front pastern 20 degrees from vertical, with upper and lower thigh of about the same length and moderate angulation at the stifle joint. Because of this, I found the Kees overall had good, balanced structure - especially their fronts. My winners were:

  • S N UCH Windrift's Aurora Fund, owned by Christina Hoglund, bred by Joanne Reed, won Best of Breed. This pretty, feminine bitch took my breath away when she walked in the ring. She had an excellent head and body, with an attractive silhouette. She was compact, balanced front to rear, and moved with ease and purpose.
  • Artic Kees Blaze of Glory, owned by Sissel Jenssen, bred by Cathrin Fagerheim, won Best of Opposite Sex and took the CC for the males. This boy had an exceptionally beautiful (handsome) head: eyes of correct shape and colour; very good spectacles; and ears that were correct size, well placed and dark. He had a correct coat, a lovely profile, exceptional forechest and very good movement.
  • Artic Kees Brilliant Disguise, bred by Cathrin Fagerheim and owned by Cathrin and her husband Gaute Fagerheim, won the Bitch CC. Like her litter mate (above) She had an exceptionally beautiful head. She was in excellent coat, with correct colour, length and texture. She had a correct tailset, was nicely put together and showed balanced movement.
  • Elzwiks Mitsie, bred and owned by Eva Westberg, won Best Puppy in Show. This was overall a very nice puppy - very well presented. She was acting and moving correctly for her age. I loved her square appearance, very high set tailset and clear colour. She is likely to have a great show career ahead of her.
  • INT NORD UCH KBHV-05 NV-05'06 Dein Hards Attention Please, owned by Cathrin and Gaute Fagerheim, bred by Karin Byrevik, took home the Best Veteran Award. He was an excellent example of the breed - an exceptional 8 year old. My critique showed him having "excellents" and "correct" in most areas including: structure, balance, movement, personality, coat (colour, definition, length, texture), body and head.
Multi-BIS Multi BISS
Aust Grand Ch Klompen's
Gone Walkabout at Calivale
  In Australia


  • obtained her Grand Champion at 2 1/2 years of age.
  • was the Top Winning Keeshond in Australia for 2009,
  • was the #4 Non-Sporting dog in NSW, and
  • was the #10 Non-Sporting in all of Australia with 3672 points (DogzOnline).

  • prior to 2010
  • wins 2 Best in Show all breeds
  • wins a Runner Up in Show all breeds
  • wins 3 Best in Specialty Shows
  • wins a Runner Up in Specialty Show

  Tracker has had her second litter of pups, sired by Aust Ch Calivale Katch Me If U Kan.

Judged the
KCC National Specialty
June 2009
 On June 20, 2009, I was thrilled to judge the Keeshond Club of Canada's National Specialty show which was held in Kingston, Ontario. I was able to choose excellent examples of the breed for my winners, all of which I could have taken home with me.
  • Ch Trumpet's It's My Party won Best of Breed from the Veteran class.
  • Can Am Ch Dailmer's Caviar Dreams won Best of Opposite Sex.
  • Am Ch Vanaban Wessex RN won Best of Winners.
  • Daimler News Flash T Keesstar won Best Puppy.
  • Ch Windrift's Private Dancer took home an Award of Merit.
  • Keesbrook's Protege, CGN won Winners Female.
 One thing that took me off my guard was when a white Keeshond entered my ring in the Veteran male class. I had to stop to think about the Canadian standard which said that "solid colours" are a "fault", not a "serious fault" or "disqualification" - just the same as any one of the following faults:
silky, wavy or curly coats,
part in coat down the back,
protruding round eyes or eyes light of colour,
ears not carried erect when at attention,
black markings below the knee, etc.

After hands on he turned out to be a lovely example of the breed. I gave him 1st in his class. His name is Keeburnie Here Comes Trouble, CGN, CD. Good name, don't you think?

Judged the
KCA National Specialty show
May 2009
 On May 22, 2009, I had the pleasure of judging the Futurity and Maturity classes at the Keeshond Club of America's National Specialty show in Colorado Springs, CO. I had many excellent Keeshonden shown to me. In several classes the order of placements could have gone several ways. There were several that I would have loved to have brought home.
Following is a list of the dogs that won under me:


Best in Futurity: Daimler's News Flash'T Keesstars
Best Opposite in Futurity: B Mi Irridescent Iris
Puppy Dogs: Daimler's News Flash'T Keesstars
Junior Dogs: Baronwood Infinity and Beyond
Intermediate Dogs: Kan Du Peppermints
Senior Dogs: Ch Trumpet's Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Puppy Bitches: Skyline's Had to be Bonnyvale Karolina
Junior Bitches: Windrift's Salsa Dancer
Intermediate Bitches: Designer's Just My Cup of Tea V Samba
Senior Bitches: Ch B Mi Irridescent Iris

Best in Maturity: Ch Windrift's Dance to the Music
Best Opposite in Maturity: Trumpet's American Girl
Dogs under 2 years of age: Ch. Olefort G.I. Blues
Dogs over 2 years of age: Ch Windrift's Dance to the Music
Bitches under 2 years of age: Trumpet's American Girl
Bitches over 2 years of age: Ch Windrift's Private Dancer

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