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Genetic Problems in the Keeshond
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In every line of purebred dogs, lurking in the background, are the genes for hereditary problems. These problems may or may not be presenting themselves in present day dogs. To minimize the risk of having the Klompen dogs come up with these problems, all of the dogs, which have been used in our breeding program, have been tested for genetic problems. We have also tried to ensure that the females coming to our males, also have the appropriate testing. It has paid off. With few exceptions, we have been fortunate enough to free of problems - partly due to luck, but greatly due to our diligence in testing beforehand. It is unfortunate that tests are not available for all problems within our breed..

This page will lead you to: a list of problems which do occur within the Keeshond breed, results of testing of our dogs, and links to other web pages which contain valuable medical information.

It is our strong belief that genetic problems which occur in our breed can be reduced and/or eradicated if breeders would share the information about problems which have occured within their lines. For that reason, we will also discuss one problem which has occured (Polyarteritis Nodosa) in our line. It is our hope that by sharing this information it will not only help other breeders, who may be experiencing similar difficulties, but will inform our puppy buyers. Perhaps, it will encourage other breeders to also be forthcoming with similar information. Breeders may take this as a challenge of sorts.

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