Pedigree of     BISS Am Can Ch Klompen's Sun Worshipper     "Sunny"
Sunny   sunny 2
    Date of Birth:  10 Sep. 1995 to 8 May 2006
    Sex:   Male
    Owners:   Jim & Alice Cartright
    Breeders:    Kathy & Bruce Stewart
    115, 27019 Twp. Rd. 514
    Spruce Grove, Alberta
    CANADA   T7Y 1G6
 Can Am Ch Meckees Sky's the
 Can Am Ch Keesbrook's Fyre
 BISS Am Ch Yan-Kee Parader ROM  BISS Am Ch Yan-Kee Neiman Marcus ROMX
 Yan-Kee Fantasia
 Can Ch Keesbrook's Mariah  BIS Can Ch Yan-Kee Storms a Brewin' CHOF
 Can Ch Keesbrook's Kandi V Brialin
 Can Ch Meckees Snow Ball
 Can Ch Meckees Silver Streak CDX TT  BIS BISS Can Ch Klompen's Rocky Raccoon CD
 Seven Days for Winbakees
 Can Ch Klompen's Spotlight on Supergirl  BIS BISS Ch Klompen's Tommy Tittlemouse CD
 Can Ch Klompen's Kissing Koala Bear
  Can Ch Klompen's Peggy Sue
  BIS BISS Ch Klompen's Rocky
 Raccoon CD CHOF COM
 Can Ch Klompen's Sneaky Pete  Am Ch Ashbrook's Buccaneer ROM
 Can Ch Klompen's Limejuice Lill
 Can Ch Klompen's Destitute Doll CD  BIS BISS Am Ch Charmac Scatman to StarKees
 BIS Ch vonRyan's Ragamuffin CD CHOF COMX
 Can Ch Jovan Klompen's Mini
 BIS BISS Ch Klompen's Tommy Tittlemouse CD
 BIS Can Ch Kendol's Chinook of Gates CD CHOF
 BIS Ch vonRyan's Ragamuffin CD CHOF COMX
 Am Can Ch Jovan's Gift Wrapped Kyrie  BISS Am Ch Charmac Stud Poker HOF
Am Ch Maldolph's Boquilla V Curacao

Sunny shared his life with Alice and Jim Cartwright, who appreciated his fine looks and his fun loving attitude. As you can see from the photograph he was an lovely example of a Keeshond. He was chosen Best of Breed at the 1997 Keeshonded Midwest Specialty Show with his handler, Shirley Oetken. Sunny had numerous Best of Breed and Group placement awards during his short show career.

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