Pedigree of     BISS Am Can Ch Calivale Cake Walk, CHOF     "Easy"
Easy at 14 months   Easy at 8 weeks
    Date of Birth:  May 10, 2002
    Sex:   female
    Owners:   Kathy & Bruce Stewart
    Brad Santas & Katrina Oliver
    P.O. Box 69, Mulgoa
    NSW, Australia 2745
 Bargeway Hurricane, ET
 Eng Ch Foxifayre Oklahoma
 at Ledwell (UK)
 Greenkees Oscar at Ledwell (USA)  Am Ch My-Son's Murphy (USA)
 Am Ch Greenkees Jinn (USA)
 Eng Ch Norkees Hot Pursuit from
 Foxifayre (UK)
 Eng Ch Ledwell Silver Dollar (UK)
 Norkees Gemma (UK)
 Greenkees Omen at Ledwell
 Am Ch My-Son's Murphy (USA)  Can Ch Graceline's Ruff and Ready (CDN)
 Am Ch Merri-K's Belle Ringer (USA)
 Am Ch Greenkees Jinn (USA)  Can Am Ch Rokerig Rockefeller CD (CDN)
 Am Ch Greenkees Destiny (USA)
 Aust Gr Ch, NZ Ch
 Rymist Sugar N Spice,
 Aust Ch Calivale the Outlaw
 Aust Grand Ch Kerjoydon Earl O
 Hearts (AUS)
 Aust Gr Ch Kema King O Hearts (AUS)
 Kerjoydon Calico Lass (AUS)
 Aust Ch Velsen Made in Heaven (AUS)  Aust Ch Grachthond Vervolgen (AUS)
 Aust Ch Mikees Cleo Patra (AUS)
 Aust Ch Ryfrost Angel (AUS)  Aust Ch Leifhond Wilander (AUS)  Aust Ch Rymiska Kzam (AUS)
 Aust Ch Leifhond Petika (AUS)
 Leifhond Chantara (AUS)  Leifhond Wim Ruska (AUS)
 Aust Ch Ryfrost Lady Jane (AUS)

Miss Cake Walk

Over hill and over dale,
All the way from Calivale.
Over some water, and over the sea,
Over some land to Timmy and me.

Puppy, puppy, have no fear,
Your new home is coming near.
Journey on a plane you will make.
Have no worries, itís a piece of cake.

No kidding, itís not all talk,
Really - itís a CAKE WALK.
Hope on board Ė itís EASY Ė youíll see
In a few hours youíll be with Timmy and me.

By then you will know that you can say,
Even though it made for a long day,
"I can have my cake 'n eat it,
and it didn't bother me one lit'l bit."

               Easy's Show Career Highlights

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