Pedigree of     BIS BISS Can Ch Klompen's Sluicebox Sam, CD CHOF     "Sam"
Sam in profile   Sam's head
    Date of Birth:  22 Oct. 1980 - 12 Jun. 1992
    Sex:   Male
    Owners:   Fred Baxtrome
    Breeders:    Kathy & Bruce Stewart
    115, 27019 Twp. Rd. 514
    Spruce Grove, AB
CANADA     T7Y 1G6
 Wistonia Winter-Wind
 Wistonia Wrakima  Am Ch Wistonia Wishawn BISS Am Ch Wistonia Wylie ROMX
Whincindy of Wistonia ROMX
 Wistonia Wyntina BISS Am Ch Wistonia Wylie ROMX
Wistonia Winhoney
 Am Ch Wistonia Wyndixie  BISS Am Ch Wistonia Wylie ROMX  Am Ch Colonel Cinders of Fairville
 Wincuti of Wistonia
 Wistonia Whipakalua  BIS Eng Am Can Ch Whiplash of Wistonia ROM
 Wistonia Winpixie
 BIS Can Am Ch vonRyan's
 Ragamuffin CD CHOF COMX
 BIS Am Ch Flakkee Instamatic
 BIS Am Ch Flakkee Instant Replay HOF  BIS Am Ch Flakkee Jackpot HOF ROMX
 Am Ch Traveler's Zeedrift Carioca ROM
 Flakkee Top Wrockette  BIS Am Ch Cornelius Wrocky Selznick ROM
 Flakkee Baccarat ROM
 Can Ch Baronwood's Hot Dam  BIS Am Ch Flakkee Jackpot HOF ROMX  BIS Am Ch Worrall of Wistonia
 Misty Volmaakt Beschermer
 Can Am Ch Picvale's Miss Vixen of Banks ROM  Can Ch Brialin's Nikki of Banks CD
 Can Ch Belvern's Gilded Brandwyn

Sam is pictured at 3 and 8 years of age. He was the very first Keeshond puppy to be born in our home. Who would have guessed that this 7 1/4 pound puppy would get us hooked on showing dogs? He was our first home-bred BIS, BPIS, BISS, and BBIS winner. Sam had a sweet personality and his main goal in life was to please the ones he loved. His litter sister, Ch Klompen's Limejuice Lill, was also a BPIS, BBIS and Gr 1st winning bitch. Another littermate, Ch Klompen's Skookum Jim, also obtained his Can Championship. Jimmy shared his life with Nan Greenwood (Wistonia kennels), as her house companion, until the time of her death. We could not have asked for more out of our first litter.

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