Pedigree of     Eng Ch Klompen's Who's Your Daddy     "Richie"
Richie at 8 weeks of age   Richie at 2 years of age
    Born on:  May 18, 2012
    Sex:   male
    Co-Owners:   David Peck, Malcolm Matthews, Linda Matthews
Byquy Keeshonds
    Breeders:    Kathy & Bruce Stewart
    Spruce Grove, Alberta
    Canada T7Y 1G6
    PICTURES HERE as they become available.
  Skyline's Unit of Measure
 b: Nov. 15, 2009
  BIS BISS Am Can Eng Ch
  Kemonts Skyline's Game Boy,
 b: Nov. 02, 2004
 Am Ch   Keeshee's Lock Stock 'N Barrel
 b: Jun. 25, 2002
 BIS BISS Can Am Ch   CH Keesbrook's Believe 'N Magic,
 BISS Can Am Ch   Keeshee's Sparks A Flying, CHOF
 Am Ch Skyline's Material Girl
 b: Nov. 28, 2001
 BIS Can Am Ch Keesbrook's The Jig's Up CHOF
 Am Ch Windrift's Dance With Me
 Am Ch
Skyline's Fishing For Compliments
 b: Dec 22, 2004
  Am Ch Keeshee's Lock Stock 'N Barrel
 b: Jun. 25, 2002
  BIS BISS Can Am Ch Keesbrook's Believe 'N Magic ROMX COM CHOF
  BISS Can Am Ch Keeshee'e Sparks A Flying CHOF
  Am Ch Tapestry's Timeshare At Skyline
 b: Nov. 14, 2001
  Can Am Ch Meckees Sky's The Limit ROM
  Am Ch Tapestry's Just A Stitch
Can Ch
Klompen's Gabriel
b: Oct 6, 2006
Can Ch Klompen's Bail Me Out Mate
  b: Mar 19, 2004
BIS BISS Can Ch Klompen's Rocky Raccoon
 CD CHOF COM   b: Nov.4, 1985
Can Ch Klompen's Sneaky Pete
Can Ch Klompen's Destitute Doll CD
BISS Am Can Ch Calivale Cake Walk
CHOF  b: May 10, 2002
Bargeway Hurricane
BIS BISS Aust & NZ Gr Ch
Rymist Sugar N Spice
Can Ch. Klompen's Little Bo Peep
 b: Nov. 16, 2001
Klompen's Tommy Tittlemouse
CD COM CHOF     b: Jul 26, 1983
BIS Can Ch. Kendol's Chinook of Gates CD CHOF
BIS Can Am Ch vonRyan's Ragamuffin CD CHOF COMX
Can Ch Klompen's Megan Music
 b: Mar 13, 1997
Can Am Ch
Alpine's Diamonds N Kohl
Can Ch
Klompen's Rocky Mountain Rose

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