Recommending Reading

Title of Book Author Publisher Date

The Keeshond

Anna K Nicholas

T.F.H. Publications

The Complete Keeshond Clementine Peterson Howell Book House 1971
The New Complete Keeshond Ron and Carol Cash Howell Book House 1987
Keeshonds of the World Margo Emerson Beech Publishing House 1991
North of England Keeshond Club - Book of Champions Brian Curry Higham Press Ltd. 1993
Handling Your Own Dog Martha Covington Thorne Doubleday 1979
Canine Reproduction Phyllis Holst, DVM Alpine Publications Inc. 1985
Breeding Better Dogs Kyle Onstott/Philip Onstott Howell Book House 1976
How to Breed Dogs Leon E. Whitney, DVM Howell Book House 1979
Control of Canine Genetic Diseases George A. Padgett, DVM Howell Book House 1998
Born to Win/Breed to Succeed Patricia Craig Doral Publishing 1997
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook D.G. Carlson DVM and J.M. Giffon Howell Book House 1980
Four Paws Five Directions
A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs
Cheryl Schwartz, DVM Celestrial Arts Publishing 1996
How to have a Healthier Dog W.O. Belfied, DVM and M. Zucker A Signet Book 1981
Tricks of the Trade (From Best Intentions to Best in Show) Pat Hastings Dog Folk Enterprises 2000

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