New Zealand Keeshond Breed Standard

Note: If someone from New Zealand would help me, I am looking to add a photo of one of New Zealand's top winning dogs.

Multi BISS Champion Bargeway Firestorm
A short, compact body, alert carriage, foxlike head; small pointed ears; a well-feathered, curling tail, carried over the back, hair very thick on the neck, forming a large ruff; head, ears and legs covered with short thick hair. Dogs should move cleanly and briskly (not lope like a German Shepherd) but movement should be straight and sharp. Dogs should show boldly.

Head well proportioned to the body, wedge-shaped when seen from above; from the side showing definite stop. Muzzle should be of medium length, neither coarse nor snipy.

Dark with well-defined spectacles.

Small and well set on head, not wide and yet not meeting.

Should be neither over nor undershot, upper teeth should just overlap under teeth and should be white, sound and strong (but discolouration from distemper not to penalize severely).

Forelegs feathered, straight, with good bone and cream in colour.

Hind legs should be straight, showing very little hock and not feathered below the hock. Cream in colour.

Round and cat-like with black nails.

Tightly curled, a double curl at the end is desirable. Plume to be white on the top where curled, with black tip.

Dense, and harsh (off-standing), dense ruff and well feathered, profuse trousers; a soft, thick, light-coloured undercoat. Coat should not be silky, wavy or woolly, nor should it form a parting on the back.

Should be wolf, ash-grey; not all black or all white, and markings should be definite.

The ideal height is 45.7 cm (18 in) for dogs and 43.2 cm (17 in) for bitches, but type is of more importance.

Light eyes, prominent eyes. Curly or wavy tendency in coat. Silky coat. Absence of spectacles. Nervous demeanour. Drop ears. Whole white foot or feet. Black marks below the knee, pencilling excepted. White chest. Apple head or absence of stop.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Prepared by:
Kathy Stewart

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