The Lion Clip For The Keeshond

by Kathy Stewart

Here is a fun way to keep your Keeshond's coat looking good most of the time without all of the work.

1) Trim pants area to about 2 inches in length.

2) Trim rear legs, below the hock joint to about 1/2 inch in length.

3) Trim hair around pads of feet, and tidy feet to give a cat-like appearance.

4) Trim body area to about 1 inch at the back end and getting longer towards the front to just behind the side flashing which will be about 2 inches in length.

5) The topline should appear to slope downwards from the front to the back.

6) Shave the tail to the skin, around the base and up from the back about 1 inch, leaving a long plume along the better part of its length.

7) Shave to the skin, the throat area just below the chin, in an equilateral triangle with sides measuring about 4 inches, wide across the top with a point at the bottom.

8) Shape the ruff and bib area to tidy it up, so that it flows into the body coat.

If this clip is done when the dog begins to blow coat, it will grow back in about 4 months. If this clip is done when the dog has just grown a new coat, it will take 8 months for it to fully grow back in.

To see a picture of a dog in this clip, please check out Rosie in motion, and Rosie standing.

Written by: Kathy Stewart

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