American Keeshond Breed Standard

Am. Ch. Flakkee Jackpot ROMX HOF (winner of 45 Best in Shows)
General Appearance
The Keeshond (pronounced kayz-hawnd) is a natural, handsome dog of well-balanced, short-coupled body, attracting attention not only by his coloration, alert carriage, and intelligent expression, but also by his stand-off coat, his richly plumed tail well curled over his back, his fox-like expression, and his small pointed ears. His coat is very thick around the neck, forepart of the shoulders and chest, forming a lion-like ruff -- more profuse in the male. His rump and hind legs, down to the hocks, are also thickly coated, forming the characteristic "trouser". His head, ears and lower legs are covered with thick, short hair.

Size, Proportion, Substance
The Keeshond is a medium-sized, square-appearing, sturdy dog, neither coarse nor lightly made. The ideal height of fully matured dogs when measured from top of withers to the ground is 18 inches for males and 17 inches for bitches -- a one inch variance either way is acceptable. While correct size is very important, it should not outweigh that of type.


Neck, Topline, Body
The body should be abundantly covered with long, straight, harsh hair standing well out from a thick, downy undercoat. Head, including muzzle, skull and ears, should be covered with smooth, soft, short hair -- velvety in texture on the ears. The neck is covered with a mane -- more profuse in the male -- sweeping from under the jaw and covering the whole of the front part of the shoulders and chest, as well as the top part of the shoulders. The hair on the legs should be smooth and short, except for feathering on the front legs and "trousers" on the hind legs. Hind legs should be profusely feathered down to the hocks -- not below. The hair on the tail should form a rich plume. Coat must not part down the back. The Keeshond is to be shown in a natural state with trimming permissible only on the feet, pasterns, hocks and -- if desired -- whiskers. TRIMMING OTHER THAN AS DESCRIBED TO BE SEVERELY PENALIZED.
Faults: Silky, wavy or curly coats. Part in coat down the back.

Color and Markings
A dramatically marked dog, the Keeshond is a mixture of gray, black and cream. This coloration may vary from light to dark. The hair of the outer coat is black tipped, the length of the black tips producing the characteristic shading of color. Puppies are often less intensely marked. The under coat is very pale gray or cream, never tawny.

The distinctive gait of the Keeshond is unique to the breed. Dogs should move boldly and and keep tails curled over the back. They should move cleanly briskly; the movement should be straight and sharp with reach and drive between slight to moderate.

Temperament is of primary importance. The Keeshond is neither timid nor aggressive but, instead, is outgoing and friendly with both people and other dogs. The Keeshond is a lively, intelligent, alert and affectionate companion.

Prepared by:
Kathy Stewart

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