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The quantities below are for an 8 week old puppy. Quantities should be increased with age and need of the dog. To tell whether or not your dog is overweight, rub your fingers over his rib cage. You should not feel a lot of fat there. Like the old saying -- if you can pinch an inch, lose it.

Please remember that an 8 week old puppy is just a baby, and as such new foods should be introduced in small quantities and one at a time.

Raising the dog's bowl off the floor to chest height will help to keep the dog's pasterns (front wrists) strong. An empty ice cream bucket under his bowl makes a good bowl holder.

If the meal is not eaten within 5 minutes, remove it and do not feed again until next meal time.

Water should be available between 8 am. and 8 pm. - to prevent kidney problems in later life. If you give water to a young puppy just before bedtime, you are increasing the probability that he/she will have to go potty during the night.


1/4 TO 1/2 C Puppy kibble (Purina)- presoaked in distilled water

You can add one or more of the following to spice up the meal. Remember to introduce one food at a time to see if you puppy can tolerate it

For conditioning my show dogs I also add to their evening meal: MORNING - meal may be eliminated around 18 mos.)

LUNCH - meal may be eliminated around 9 mos.)

DINNER - meal remains throughout lifetime.

BEDTIME 1 or 2 Milk Bones when they go in the crate at bedtime.

OR you can leave dry kibble out all of the time and let your dog "free feed." If you do this please check to make sure that you dog is not getting too fat. Some Keeshonden are chow hounds and will eat everything that they can and will easily become obese, which leads to health problems.

If your dog gets diarrhea you can:

  1. boil equal quantities of hamburger and rice together in water, until the rice is slightly undercooked. Discard the water (and the resulting fat) and feed it to your dog instead of his regular meal.
  2. Feed canned puried pumpkin (without spices), or
  3. Give his human diarrhea preparations, such as Kaopectate tablets

Because there are so many additives in commercial dog food (preservatives, artificial colouring and artificial flavouring) natural diets for our dogs are likely more beneficial. Therefore, I see nothing wrong with feeding table scraps, as long as starches and sugars are avoided, and as long as a multivitamin is also given. Pedigree Pal (both canned and dry) claim to be free of artificial flavours, etc.. I have used them with great success for many years, and do recommend them.

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