Home Made Collars

written by Kathy Stewart

Below are illustrations on how to make a slip collar for your dog. This is the one that we use when leash breaking, as well as just going for walks. You can attach your dog license tag to the ring. We do not recommend that it stay on your dog's neck all of the time. Because it is loose, it could get caught on objects and cause the dog distress. Therefore only use it under supervised conditions.

This is a safe, effective and inexpensive collar that will not allow the dog to slip out and yet it will not choke them either. Because it is not rigid, but rather made from a soft, smooth, flexible cord, it is less likely to break the hair on the neck, which other collars tend to do. The materials can be bought at craft shops, fabric shops, hardware stores, and/or feed stores. Because the material is so inexpensive we make several collars in different sizes that we can change as the pup grows.

Homemade Collar

You will need to buy 1 or more metal rings that are about 1/2" in diameter, plus 1 foot or more of a soft flexible cord. The kind that will feed into itself (tubular) is wonderful, because then you have no raw edges left. Many are made of polyester. The ends of these can be burned with a match to keep them from unravelling.
(A) The collar should be just large enough to slip over the dog's head.

(B) When you pull on the ring it should become tight enough to prevent your dog from slipping out of it, but not tight enough to choke him or her.

(C) This is the approximate size needed for an 8 week old Keeshond puppy. About 18" of cord is needed.

(D) This is the approximate size needed for an adult male Keeshond. About 25" of cord is needed.

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